Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Word Study Training for Parent Volunteers

Thank you, parents, for taking the time to read over this word study training post.

Word study is the understanding of word patterns to help student read and spell unfamiliar words.  The lessons can start in kindergarten with finding beginning sounds in words, and go all the way up to college level with defining and recognizing roots.  On your scheduled days, you will be working with groups of students out in the hallway on their leveled skill.  Each level has multiple sorts within it.  If you are curious and would like to see all of the levels, click here.  Each group will take about 15 minutes, and you will work with 3 groups each day.

 The lesson for the week is written on the back of each envelope.  Quickly read through the lesson before calling the students out into the hallway.  Work on sorting the words into the appropriate categories.  There are three different activities that you can do to practice.  You may choose your favorite to complete that day.

Complete the word sort.  The smaller cards, which are sometimes colored, are the headings.  Pass out an equal amount of words to each student, and take turns sorting them into the appropriate columns.
Point out word patterns and rules.

Have students write the same headings as the ones on the back of the pouch.  Read off random words on the back of the pouch, and have students write the words in the appropriate column.
Point out word patterns and rules.

Students put checks next to correct responses. Cross out incorrect spellings and rewrite answers.  Note:  for an easier variation, students can just practice writing words that you say aloud, and then erase.

Sit in a circle.  Give the students a word to spell.  The first student says the first letter, the second student says the second letter, and so on.  Once the word has been spelled out, the next student says Sparkle.  The student after Sparkle is then out.  Students are also out if they misspell the word.  The last student in wins.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Weathering Photos at Oak Hill

Photo Album

The students walked around Oak Hill, taking pictures of any examples of weathering.  They learned that weathering takes place everywhere, not just near mountains and rivers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Camp Invention Scholarships

Fill out the scholarship information here.   The deadline for filling out applications is May 20th. If not chosen, you are not obligated to attend Camp Invention.


Scholarship Application